Corner House

Sunday, November 6, 2022 Concert: 2:00pm | Admission: $15/person Abiding by a love for adventure, Corner House finds purpose and solace in the beauty of earth and music. Clinging wholeheartedly to studied traditions, they tend to write and arrange music liberally comprised of Irish, Scottish, Appalachian Stringband, and Bluegrass influences.

Dan Houghton & Rachel Clemente “If You Must Know”

Saturday, August 27, 2022 Concert: 7:00pm| Admission: $15/person Vermont based duo, Rachel Clemente (member of Two Shores and US National Scottish Harp champion, '16) and Dan Houghton (member of Cantrip, Pipers’ Den, Anxty, and formerly of Salsa Celtica) bring together an unlikely pairing of bagpipes and harp.

Alex Cumming

Sunday, July 17, 2022 Concert - 2:00pm | Admission - $15/person Alex Cumming is a traditional Singer, Accordionist, Pianist and dance caller hailing from Somerset, England, now living in Greater Boston, MA, USA. He performs songs and tunes from around the United Kingdom and America with a great depth of knowledge of the tradition. Alex has... Continue Reading →

“Out of My Own Light” Louise Bichan, Katie McNally, Ethan Setiawan – Sunday, March 22, 2020

Potluck: 12:30pm | Concert: 2:00pm| Admission: $15/person "Out of My Own Light"  focuses on the story of Margaret Sarah Tait, Louise's grandmother, and her adventures traveling from Orkney to Canada as a young woman, taking six months to visit relatives and make a difficult life decision. Following in her grandmother's footsteps, some 60 years later, Louise Bichan returned... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth and Ben Anderson

Sunday, October 2, 2022 Concert - 2:00pm | Admission - $15/person "Elizabeth and Ben Anderson, a Boston-based Scottish fiddle and cello duo, has an enthusiastic following in the U.S. and internationally. Blending Scottish tunes with lively rhythms and innovative harmonies, they create a sound rooted in tradition, inspired by the contemporary, and completely original. On... Continue Reading →

Miller-MacDonald-Cormier – September 27, 2020

Potluck: 12:30pm | Concert: 2:00pm| Admission: $15/person  Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald have become renowned across Canada and further afield, for their synergistic approach to traditional Scottish music. Blending Scottish Lowland pipes with Cape Breton fiddle, Gaelic song and step-dance, Ben and Anita join together the threads of Old and New World traditions, while constantly... Continue Reading →

The Zeichner Trio – Saturday, 8/1/2020

Potluck 5:30pm | Concert 7:00pm | Admission $15.00/person "This sibling trio brings age-old melodies alive on a combination of harp, fiddle, uilleann pipes, penny whistle, and banjo, with their voices blending in harmony and unison as only families can. From lively fiddle tunes and dance steps, to mournful ballads, and timeless banjo rhythms, Yasi, Oliver,... Continue Reading →


Sunday, May 29, 2022 Concert - 2:00pm | Admission - $15/person "The name is an Old Scots word meaning a charm, magic spell or piece of mischief and it aptly describes the unexpected twists and turns in their musical arrangements, likewise the compelling potency of their musicianship. Originally formed as a quartet, Cantrip sprung from... Continue Reading →

Kalos – Sunday, 9/25/2022

Potluck 12:30pm | Concert 2:00pm | Admission - $15/person "Ryan McKasson, Eric McDonald and Jeremiah McLane are masters of tradition who purposefully explore the dark corners floating on its edges. Their individual artistry is enhanced when together. In short, the sum creates a greater whole. The result is an alluring complexity, full of spontaneous musicality.... Continue Reading →

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