Cantrip – Sunday, 1/24/2021

| Concert 2:00pm | Admission - virtual tips appreciated! "The name is an Old Scots word meaning a charm, magic spell or piece of mischief and it aptly describes the unexpected twists and turns in their musical arrangements, likewise the compelling potency of their musicianship. Originally formed as a quartet, Cantrip sprung from a local... Continue Reading →

Kalos – Sunday, 4/11/2021

| Concert 2:00pm | Admission - virtual tips appreciated! "Ryan McKasson, Eric McDonald and Jeremiah McLane are masters of tradition who purposefully explore the dark corners floating on its edges. Their individual artistry is enhanced when together. In short, the sum creates a greater whole. The result is an alluring complexity, full of spontaneous musicality.... Continue Reading →

Bellwether – Sunday, 2/14/2021

| Concert 2:00pm | Admission - virtual tips appreciated! "Bellwether is an exciting new international folk trio. Collectively hailing from Orkney in Scotland, Somerset in England, and Boston in the USA, their sound brings a fresh perspective to traditional music while simultaneously remaining entirely folkie. Stoking the embers sparked by pioneers of the previous generation’s... Continue Reading →

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