Elizabeth and Ben Anderson – Saturday 10/2/2021

| Concert 7:00pm | Admission $15.00/person "Elizabeth and Ben Anderson, a Boston-based Scottish fiddle and cello duo, has an enthusiastic following in the U.S. and internationally. Blending Scottish tunes with lively rhythms and innovative harmonies, they create a sound rooted in tradition, inspired by the contemporary, and completely original. On stage, they captivate audiences with... Continue Reading →

Kalos – Sunday, 11/7/2021

| Concert 2:00pm | Admission - $15/person "Ryan McKasson, Eric McDonald and Jeremiah McLane are masters of tradition who purposefully explore the dark corners floating on its edges. Their individual artistry is enhanced when together. In short, the sum creates a greater whole. The result is an alluring complexity, full of spontaneous musicality. Pulling from... Continue Reading →

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