Young Tradition Vermont Youth Commission

Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023 | Concert – 6:00pm | Admission – $15/person

The Youth Commission is an auditioned teen ensemble managed by Fiona Stowell the selected teen leader, with support from Mark Sustic, and Young Tradition Vermont at Vermont Folklife. They have been rehearsing and learning from master artists since September, and will continue through May as they prepare their final project. The group has had the opportunity to work with Dirk Powell and Rainy Eyes, Dreamers’ Circus, Sarah and Sean Watkins, Cornerhouse, and Pete Sutherland. Each artist taught them a tune or a song that they have incorporated into their concert set. The group has a variety of material for their concerts, including Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton), Scandinavian, Southern Gospel, Old Time, and Bluegrass. Their final project will be a mini tour in Vermont and Quebec over Memorial Day Weekend. For more information including their upcoming gigs please visit their page on the Vermont Folklife Website:

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